Acupuncture for Children and Babies
In conventional pediatrics, antibiotics are life-saving when necessary, but are commonly over prescribed for non-serious illnesses like ear infections, bronchitis, sinusitis, Sore throats, bladder infections and skin issues.  Pediatric earaches are the most frequent trigger for pediatric visits, and the standard treatment is amoxicillin, even though studies show that antibiotics do not effectively reduce the incidence of ear infections.  Of the 235 million doses of antibiotics given each year, the Center for Disease control estimates between 20 and 50 percent are unnecessary.  Over-prescription of antibiotics undermines resistance to infection and promotes recurrence.  Repeated use of antibiotics also causes secondary problems including yeast overgrowth, diarrhea, and indigestion.
At steady acupuncture, we have successfully treated some of the most common pediatric complaints:
Fevers, Congestion, and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (throat, nose, sinuses, ear infections), disturbed gastrointestinal function (stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation), dermatological irritations (rashes, eczema, hives); and emotional agitation and upset (add, adhd, hyperactivity).
Pediatric treatment includes a gentle form of acupuncture (called shonishin) that is well received by children and infants.  Shonishin is normally given with a series of tools that are used to scrape, tap, and rub the acupuncture points.  Needle insertion is also part of shonishin, but treatment is often done without any insertion.
In addition to shonishin, children and infants are prescribed herbal products to support their treatments.     Usually they taste good and are easy to administer.  Parents are advised to keep them on hand in their household medicine chest so that they can intervene at the earliest sign of future illness.
A great benefit of our pediatric treatments is that   parents are taught to do much of the treatment, so that they can go home and continue working on their children. Lifestyle changes and diets may be recommended to promote a child’s optimum health.
We want Children to be sturdy, safe and healthy.  Robust children are resilient, energetic, cheerful, and engaged with the world.  By supporting their growth and development we increase their capacity for resisting illness and adapting to challenges.  Healthy children respond positively to good food and a nurturing environment, easily recovering from sickness and trauma with gentle care and mild medicine.  
Steady Acupuncture holds a Children’s Wellness Day right before or on the full moon of each month.  On this day, treatments are offered
to help keep kids healthy.  Contact us to find out the date of our next scheduled Children’s Wellness day.